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D.R. Trip – Day 2

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Today we started off our day with devotions presented by Bella, Maya and Tiffany. Then my group (the puppet group) went to Charo’s school (the smaller school). We sang three songs. All the kids were a little shy at first but then they got hyper after a while. Next we did our puppet show about Jesus feeding the crowd with the five loaves and two fish. Then we took the bus over to the foundation and all the kids went wild! I saw a five year old girl I met yesterday named Maya. When I saw her I waved from the bus window and she started jumping up and down yelling my name. It was really cool to see all the kids there excited to see us and us excited to extend the relationships we made the day before. We then got out of the bus and went into the cage where all the clothes and shoes are. After a while we were finally allowed to go play with all the kids! I was so excited to see Maya again today and play with her! When I was looking for her, all of a sudden I felt a huge hug and I turned around it was her. I don’t think I have ever felt a hug like that. Eventually Maya had to go eat lunch so she left. A little bit later we set up a clothing, shoe, and toy shop. This is where the kids come in and grab a plastic bag and we put one outfit, one pair of shoes, hygiene products, and a toy or school supply in it. We gave clothes to over 400 kids. It was a little chaotic at first and we were nervous we would run out of donations. Josh said it was like how people acted on Black Friday- except instead of electronics, it was over simple things like clothes and toothpaste. The last thing we did today was give food bags to fifteen different families. We saw their houses and living conditions and it really made me think about my life and how much I complain when they have nothing. The village was in pretty bad shape because it had been flooded a few days before we got there in about 5 feet of water.

Anyways this was our second day in the DR!

Tune in next time!
-Ali Beeso


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