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D.R. Trip 2 – Day 3

Happy to report that day three for the team was nothing less than a beautiful blessing.

The night before, the teachers and parents challenged the students to love without boundaries, challenging them to love hard on the children that they would meet at the schools and the foundation. Day three was full of this kind of intense love that only our God would ordain.

As the teams broke off into two groups (team drama and team puppets) they shared their songs, shared testimonies, and performed their skits for the two local schools. At the “big school”, the obvious game of choice was caballo rides… Sometimes with one caballo and multiple riders! Students couldn’t help but give continuous piggy back rides, with the occasional stop to catch their breath. Miss Rychen learned a valuable lesson that selfie-sticks could result in a mass tackle of Dominican students on top of her… Also known as a dog pile.

While the majority of the team was at the foundation, parents Kenny Esquivel and Balazs Lazslo were installing two toilets at the “big school”. With the new toilets, they will have a more efficient way to be able to dispose of waste without having to fill the tank with a gallon of water every time and not have to worry about clogs.
In the afternoon, the drama team went back to the “small school” to perform their drama again and sing songs. Parent Jasmine Vogel also gave a demonstration to the children on how to brush their teeth to get rid of the “sugar bugs” in their mouth so their teeth don’t fall out. The children loved it and loved their new toothbrushes.
At the foundation, students fed 194 children lunch, and approximately 250 received shoes, uniforms, t-shirts, and candy.
All in all, it was a terrific day full of sweat, piggy back rides, and love.
Andrew Wearp
This is Andrew.  Today we went to two different schools and performed for the kids and made crafts with them. I also shared my testimony with all of the students while Mrs. Gaydos translated. Then we went to the foundation and gave kids shoes and a bag of clothes. (P.s. Mom and dad, I am alive and Mrs. Esquivel and Ms. Rychen are making sure I wear sun screen!)
Caleb Uyboco
Today, our Puppet Team went to a school and did a lot of exciting stuff with the children there. We started off doing a puppet show of “Daniel and the Lions Den” for the children. We also did songs, crafts, ‘caballo rides” (Piggyback rides), and played with the children. After we said our goodbyes to the children at the school, we went to the Manny Mota foundation and gave children clothes. We also played sports and games with them! The smiles we got from all the children was contagious and made our day!
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The Exhibit

Bias. Bigotry. Bullying. - One School's ResponseOctober 26th, 2017
7 days to go.

The Exhibit

Bias. Bigotry. Bullying. - One School's ResponseOctober 27th, 2017
8 days to go.

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