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DR Trip 2 | Day 4

Hi, this is Jena Ortiz. Today we started off by going to the different schools. The drama team went to the smaller school and the puppet team went to the bigger school. It was a lot of fun, we got to paint nails, give piggyback rides, and decorate crafts with them. Then we went back to the foundation and played for hours with the kids. They taught us many new games and we taught them some. When it was time to eat, we were all really sad to leave them. Then when we got our food it was also hard because it didn’t feel right to eat and drink in front of them. Izzy started to cry and she leaned on me for support. Overall, today was a really good day and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

Hi my name is Izzy Rogers.Today in the Dominican Republic we met so many new people.Our day started by going to a school next to the foundation where we got the chance to perform for the energetic children. I can not tell you how many piggy back rides me and my team mates gave. Once we said our goodbyes, we headed back to the foundation where we saw some familiar faces. One child in particular was a 12 year old boy named Javier. What makes Javier so special is that my sister Alex, who came to the DR last year, made a strong bond with him and I thought it was really cool to get to meet him in person. When we started to play, there was a time period when, if you just stopped and looked around, all you would see was joyful, laughing children. It was such a cool moment because it felt like there was no language barrier and we were all just kids playing. The hardest part today for me was having to eat in front of the children. Each bite I had made me feel more guilty for not being able to do more. I mean, that is what we came on this trip to do, right? I struggled the most with this question and thought, “How can God give me so much and them so little?” At the end of the day, it was definitely an eye opener for me to see how fortunate I am and it taught me to be more appreciative of everything I have.


Dr. Sette, mom to student Dayton Sette, aided a Dominican boy with an infected foot.

Dr. Sette, mom to student Dayton Sette, aided a Dominican boy with an infected foot.


Jenn Burris sent vitamins to this pregnant mother that she met in November on the last DR trip.

Jenn Burris sent vitamins to this pregnant mother that she met in November on the last DR trip.



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