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Dominican Republic – Day 3

Today changed my perspective of how I saw the kids and other people. I read with the kids at the big school and they were intrigued even though I was saying every other word wrong. When we went to play outside it was really hot. All the kids wanted piggy back rides. It made the kids really happy and joyful. I could hear them laughing while they were on my back and they sounded like they were having the best time. I met a few girls that stuck around with me the whole time. One girl, Maria, French braided my hair. It took a lot of time but she stuck around the whole time. It was really sad when we had to leave. I could see  the girl that I was with the whole day when we were leaving and I was just waving to her till I couldn’t see her anymore. – Lauren Gomez
At the beginning of the trip I had a sort of grey haze in the back of my head. It seamed to give me a feeling of this is life and it’ll happen for the rest of the time I have on earth. I was a little mad at this feeling because it seamed like something just didn’t fit. Yesterday while I was in the field I had a moment where there were no kids asking for piggy back rides and all my friends were far away and I noticed everything moving and swaying and saw all the kids playing. I realized at that moment that everything there was made by God and anything made by man was actually God working through them.  I’m glad I realized this because I can now begin to grow an inner joy for everything that’s going on around me. – John Crandall
Today our puppet team went to the “larger” school. The kids welcomed us the second we got off the bus and they would hug us and say “I love you” with welcoming smiles. From there, we did our Spanish worship songs with the kids. They would dance and shout with us. After the songs, we performed our puppet show called “The Lord’s Army.” We would all shout “Si Señor.” They were so excited that they asked us to do it again. Next, we split up into 4 groups for the 4 classrooms in the school. Us (Miranda and Becca) and Chloe were in one group. We brought them flags to color and books to read. They were especially careful to color inside the lines. After, we had fun giving piggy back rides outside for the kids. They would braid our hair me jump on our backs. It was hard saying our goodbyes.

Back at the Manny Mota Foundation, we played with the kids there. All the girls would get together and do a Sisters Circle. We painted nails and made bracelets. It was so much fun. Even if we didn’t paint the nails perfectly, they didn’t care; they loved it.
When we got back to our hotel, it started to rain. Gradually, it got stronger until we had to run inside to do our group devotion. All of us can’t wait to spend time with more of the kids tomorrow! -Miranda and Becca
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Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 22nd, 2018
33 days to go.

Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 23rd, 2018
34 days to go.

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One of the auction items at last year’s golf tournament was ‘Lunch with Mr. G’, which the students cashed in today. Save the date and plan to join us for this year’s tournament on May 14th at South Hills Country Club! Yesterday our team was able to provide 50 moms with diapers/wipes/baby clothes and over 100 families with groceries and over 150 people with medical care at the clinic. Our team is soaking it all in and debriefing every night to discuss what they’re feeling and learning. #drtrip2018 Our medical clinic saw 98 patients today! Our students served food, distributes shoes, played with kids, painted nails, and ultimately shared the love of Christ with children at the Manny Mota Foundation today. Read more... link in profile. FCS alumni, Sophia Lorey, was so impacted by her 8th grade trip to the DR that she returned this year, her senior year of high school, with our team! Read about her experience today on the blog!
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