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Interview with Dr. Arnouk

A two-part interview with Dr. Reema Arnouk, Foothill Mom and owner of Foothill Family Dental Group, Glendora.  Part I.

Dr. Reema Arnouk, is one of the school’s most dedicated Moms.  Her warm, smiling personality reveals a love for people, and a joy that comes from serving others, which she does well through the practice of dentistry.

Located on the fourth floor of the Foothill Medical Arts Building on Grand Avenue, her practice–Foothill Family Dental Group– provides a wide range of skilled services, using state-of-the art equipment.  Dr. Arnouk is a current member of the National Society of Dental Practitioners (NSDP).

We recently spent time with Dr. Arnouk, who supports the school as a Corporate Sponsor, to learn more about her practice and her involvement in the Foothill Christian School community.


FCS: Dr. Arnouk, we’d enjoy knowing more about you, your family and your new practice.  To begin, tell us how you selected Glendora to start your practice?

Dr. Arnouk: My husband and I were very diligent in our search of schools.  After we did site visits and investigated 30 different schools, we came to Foothill.  At the most rudimentary level, we wanted our daughters to be in Christian schools.  My other daughter attends Western Christian and Maya, our 4th grader is enrolled here at the Baseline campus

FCS: What was it about this school that you found most appealing?

Dr. Arnouk: Foothill was our last school to visit, and I remember being here and seeing all of the cheerful faces.  I especially enjoyed and appreciated the time spent with Mr. G. We had Maya with us during the tour and she had a wonderful conversation with him about the various subjects.  Maya expressed a lot of excitement and said she wanted to come here.  As for me, it feels very much like a family, like home.

FCS: And you also decided to start your practice here in Glendora, close to the school and our school families, is that right?

Dr. Arnouk:  Yes. I really strive to be a friendly, quality-oriented family dentist.  I enjoy working with people, especially children.  I wanted my practice to be near the school.  That was a compelling reason for the location; Maya had very strong feelings about this, too, and even wrote a letter to Jesus asking Him to help us start our practice in Glendora. I feel it was meant for us to be present here with our home, our school and our dental practice.

FCS:  Tell us a little about your background and training in the field of dentistry.

Dr. Arnouk:  I received my training at Loma Linda School of Dentistry, a well-respected institution that provides a thorough program of instruction.  My husband, Maher, also attended there.  He not only practices dentistry, but is also a regional instructor to dentists.  We’ve been married for 23 years, and the field of dentistry is a shared family interest. In fact, my oldest daughter, will graduate from Loma Linda University next year.  She wants to practice dental hygiene.

A two-part interview with Dr. Reema Arnouk, Foothill Mom and owner of Foothill Family Dental Group, Glendora.  Part II:

In a previous blog story, we mentioned that Dr. Arnouk’s practice is located on Grand Avenue in the Foothill Medical Arts Building, and that she is a current member of the National Society of Dental Practitioners.  As a Corporate Sponsor, she is very involved in school events, which has included giving talks about dental care and hygiene to Foothill’s students.  Dr. Arnouk has also supported the Charity Golf Classic, which raises support for the school’s Scholarship Fund.

Since the grand opening of Foothill Family Dental Group in April, a number of Foothill family members have had appointments with Dr. Arnouk, which is so encouraging:  “I am very excited about working with Foothill Christian School families,” she says.  “It is a joy to help both adults and children, and for that reason, I don’t specialize in one age group versus another.  Whether the patient is an adult or a child, I want to be friendly and welcoming.  I truly enjoy working with children, but every patient is special, and every individual deserves the absolute best service possible.”

Dr. Arnouk’s youngest daughter, Maya, is a little prayer warrior:  “When my husband and I were deciding where to locate the practice, Maya—who will be a 5th grader next year– wrote a letter to Jesus, asking Him to please locate our business here in Glendora in the Foothill Medical Arts Building.  I truly believe it was by God’s design that we should live in Glendora, be involved at Foothill Christian School, and practice dentistry here in this beautiful foothill community.”

Even at this early juncture, the word has been spreading quickly about Dr. Arnouk’s practice, especially from those who have used her services.  Coach Sarah Dykema is not alone in offering a rousing endorsement “My husband, Jeff, and I are incredibly impressed by not only the state-of-the-art equipment that is used, the professional and friendly staff, but especially the high personal touch that Dr. Arnouk seems to give every patient.  She’s not only like a member of the family, but she’s our personal dentist, and she really cares about us!”   Procedures offered include: Preventative dental care; canker sore treatment; cosmetic dentistry; orthodontics (Invisalign); crowns, bridges and dentures; fillings, root canals and extractions.

To learn more about Foothill Family Dental Group, please visit


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Madagascar Jr.February 22nd, 2018
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Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 23rd, 2018
37 days to go.

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