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Moments of Discovery

901192_10201315988928185_161611846_oI think it’s reasonable to say that most of us can look back to a time or place, a person or circumstance that impacted our lives in ways we never expected.  However it might have happened, it was something that resonated so deeply that we remember it for a lifetime.  I like to think of those times as defining moments that could very well change the direction of one’s life.  I also like to think that Foothill Christian School is a place where there are many opportunities for a child to discover that perfect niche that makes them so unique.

Just yesterday morning, at our monthly parent Coffee with Mr. G, I was talking about student accomplishments this past year.  Parents often tell me how impressed they are that our school can offer such a comprehensive program.  I like to think that it’s one of our distinctives…we’re big enough to offer unique programs, and yet small enough to still feel like family.

It’s hard to believe, but we’re only weeks away from closing out another school year.  I used our coffee time to mention many highlights, from the excitement of science camps and Math Olympics, to Faith in Action trips, our outstanding library services, and professional-style school performances.  By the way, it doesn’t hurt to tell you, as well, how proud I am of the fact that 8,885 books were checked-out of our library this past year.  Thanks to our annual Book Fair and everyone who supported this effort, we’ve been able to add 708 new books to our shelves, bringing our total holdings to over 23,000.

The year’s highlights are too numerous to list here.  Suffice it to say, I’m convinced that the seeds of greatness exist in every child, and it’s our responsibility to help students identify those talents and to provide them with opportunities to explore, learn and grow.  One student may excel in sports, while another may have extraordinary gifts in acting or broadcasting just waiting to be tapped.  Another child can amaze us with his or her knowledge of technology, while another plays beautiful pieces of music on the flute or piano.  Watching children develop their unique, God-given talent is the most rewarding part of my job!

Parents also spoke about the various achievements, special moments and highlights their families have experienced this year.  It was truly inspirational to hear about science camp experiences, moments on stage, on the court and the athletic field. I listened to stories about the impact teachers were having on their students in history, science and developing a love of reading.  One of our mothers shared how her son has to work hard in most areas of study, but his gifts in math are extraordinary.  So extraordinary, in fact, he set a personal goal to win first place at the annual ACSI math Olympics. And he did it! He received the 1st Place Trophy!  That’s impressive and it happened because he was given a moment to fully engage that mathematical mind with which he has been blessed.  We need to give every child those kinds of moments.

Defining moments will happen in life.  So, finding ways to help our children discover them early, so they can soar like eagles is the DNA of our school.   That’s what I mean when I say we’re small enough to be family, yet big enough to help your child accomplish the big things they were created to do!  Thank you for listening.





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Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 22nd, 2018
36 days to go.

Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 23rd, 2018
37 days to go.

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Our medical clinic saw 98 patients today! Our students served food, distributes shoes, played with kids, painted nails, and ultimately shared the love of Christ with children at the Manny Mota Foundation today. Read more... link in profile. FCS alumni, Sophia Lorey, was so impacted by her 8th grade trip to the DR that she returned this year, her senior year of high school, with our team! Read about her experience today on the blog! Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. today and all he stood for. He was a courageous leader who non-violently resisted injustice, ignited hope among the marginalized, showed love in the face of hate, and empowered a community looking for direction in a time of turmoil. “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” #mlk #mlkjrday #oneschoolsresponse First day of serving in the DR completed. The team organized and set up the medical clinic/pharmacy and all of the donations that were sent ahead to be distributed tomorrow. Our students were able to play with the kids nearby, playing baseball and painting the girls nails. They are ready for a big day tomorrow serving many people in need of medical aide, food, and clothing. To read more about each day from our students’ perspective follow
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