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Student Essays – Part 2

Editor’s Note:  This time every year, Foothill is invited to submit student essays to the Glendoran Magazine. If published, the essay will appear in a special Youth Edition this coming fall. Essays are reviewed by magazine staff , who make the final decision about which ones will appear in print.  We are submitting 14 essays, which reflect the creative work of our 5th through 8th grade students.  This week, we feature essays by Sofia Tatone (5th grade) and Spencer Smith (8th grade).  Special thanks to Miss Thompson and Miss Leffin for encouraging the students to participate in this community project.

sofiaSofia Tatone, 5th Grade | THE HEART OF GLENDORA

Mmmm…. The aroma of buttermilk pancakes at Kara’s grasps my attention, but not as much as the kindness and compassion that Kara gives to the people within the community of Glendora. Why is Kara a magnificent cook and the kindest person in town? Kara is such a good friend to us, but even to strangers she is kind.

Not only does Kara care, but the entire staff is full of smiles and love. One time, Kara heard that one of her customers was very sick and hospitalized. She went over to the hospital and delivered a meal of bacon and eggs with toast. Kara and the staff are great with little kids. Whenever we go, everyone goes crazy about my little brother and wants to hold him. My mother is a stickler when it comes to trusting people. Kara and the staff on the other hand have gained her trust and respect. My mother even lets them hold my baby brother!

Kara is not just compassionate, but she is amazing when it comes to making food! She puts creativity into everything she does. When she makes hot cocoa, depending on the time of year, she puts in heart- shaped, snowman-shaped, and clover- shaped marshmallows. Kara and her staff don’t just make breakfast, they make lunch and dinner too! They make fantastic chicken noodle soup, perfect for a cold, windy day. Kara has sandwiches, hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and yummy steak fries for any time of year.

At Kara’s Korner, the best way to get to the heart of Glendora is through your stomach!

SpencerSpencer Smith, 8th Grade | IMPACT

Everyone has a dream that they have always wanted to come true, and for some people, if they truly work as hard as possible to get there, they achieve. Although it is based around your decisions, everyone has those few people who help you get there. Those few people in my life are my mom, brother, and Chris Wilson. The one I am writing about today is Chris Wilson.

I met Chris Wilson three years ago at Foothill Christian School. He told us that he was our new youth pastor at Foothill Church, and from that moment he was uplifting, encouraging, and just a fun guy to be around, and that led me to want to go to youth group called Impact. After a few times going to Impact he put myself and a few other guys in a leadership club, where we would meet before impact and read some leadership books, and discuss how to become better leaders at our school and at Impact. I learned so much from this and it showed in school, sports, my relationship with God, and my relationships with family and friends.

Chris Wilson is one of the key people in my life who I thank for making my relationship with God so strong. He has been one of those people to whom I can tell everything to and always has given me the best advice. Although my mom has given me the best advice, he gives the same kind of advice, just in a different way. The other key asset to Chris was that he made Church fun and somewhere I never felt upset about going to. Even though he is not with Foothill Church anymore, he is still changing kids life at a new church in Pasadena.

What I mainly took from Chris was his example he set for people his age and younger. He had such a strong drive to lead, Chris made life just more fun and enjoyable because he is living to honor the Lord and that leads to great joy and happiness. I see how much fun he is having while still honoring the Lord in everything he does and that encourages others and myself to live like this. I am very thankful for Foothill Church giving me the opportunity of bonding with Chris and making me a stronger man of God. Although Chris is helping new kids at a new church now, I still look at his example of living IN this world, not just OF it.


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Madagascar Jr.February 22nd, 2018
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Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 23rd, 2018
34 days to go.

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