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Meet the NEW Athletic Director

Q&A with Laurie Kausrud, Foothill Christian School’s new Athletic Director

FCS: Tell us a little about your background. What did your life look like before Foothill?

Laurie: I was the JV Head Basketball and Softball coach at Western Christian High School, after which time I moved to being an Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach at Chino Hills High School. I was then offered the head Varsity Basketball and Softball coaching position at the Webb Schools where I coached for four years prior to coming to Foothill Christian. I obtained a Bachelors of Arts from Azusa Pacific University in Physical Education, and I am currently 3 courses away from receiving my Masters of Arts in Athletic Administration and Coaching from Concordia University.

FCS: “Athletic Director” is a new addition to our faculty line-up. Does this position reflect a new direction and orientation for the school’s athletic program? What kind of changes will you strive to accomplish?

Laurie: With my background in High School sports I hope to prepare our students to be competitive at the High School level, giving them the tools and the discipline necessary to thrive as individuals as well as teammates. It’s my goal to develop an athletics program that will teach life lessons in athletics, academics and their personal lives. I also desire to see each coach teach the student-athlete what it means to pursue a life of Christian values, discipline, dedication, excellence and becoming a person of strong character.

FCS: Tell us about your passion for sports.

Laurie: I grew up playing softball and basketball, while attending school at Western Christian we went to CIF Semi Finals my Senior year in softball. I believe that sports play an instrumental role in developing character and are vital part of any well-rounded education; this is the driving force in my decision to pursue my passion for sports in schools.

FCS: How will sports and physical fitness tie together? Besides coaching students, will you articulate the importance of health and physical fitness at the classroom level? Is that a fair question and, if so, how will that be implemented?

Laurie: It is my desire to give each student the opportunity to find the activity that they enjoy the most; whether it is in circuit training, cycling, running, kickboxing, etc. We will accomplish this through the implementation of two weeklong fitness units each month throughout the year. This will give the students a wide range of fitness opportunities to find the activity that they find enjoyable, with hopes of giving them a desire to make fitness a life-long commitment.

FCS: What excites you about coming to Foothill Christian School?

Laurie: The warm welcome from the Foothill community has been extremely encouraging for me as I start this new journey. I’m excited that I have been given the opportunity to further my development and pursue my passion as a coach, administrator and teacher. A Christian organization focused on Christ being at the center of our lives has been something I’ve missed in the last few years.

FCS: What is your historical connection with ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International)?

Laurie: ACSI plays a huge role in my life, as my grandfather and hero, Dr. Paul Kienel, is one of the founders of ACSI. He also served as the President for many years. He has always encouraged me from a young age to be involved in Christian school education and I am blessed by this opportunity and hope that I will make my Grandpa proud.


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Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 22nd, 2018
36 days to go.

Drama Department

Madagascar Jr.February 23rd, 2018
37 days to go.

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Our medical clinic saw 98 patients today! Our students served food, distributes shoes, played with kids, painted nails, and ultimately shared the love of Christ with children at the Manny Mota Foundation today. Read more... link in profile. FCS alumni, Sophia Lorey, was so impacted by her 8th grade trip to the DR that she returned this year, her senior year of high school, with our team! Read about her experience today on the blog! Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. today and all he stood for. He was a courageous leader who non-violently resisted injustice, ignited hope among the marginalized, showed love in the face of hate, and empowered a community looking for direction in a time of turmoil. “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” #mlk #mlkjrday #oneschoolsresponse First day of serving in the DR completed. The team organized and set up the medical clinic/pharmacy and all of the donations that were sent ahead to be distributed tomorrow. Our students were able to play with the kids nearby, playing baseball and painting the girls nails. They are ready for a big day tomorrow serving many people in need of medical aide, food, and clothing. To read more about each day from our students’ perspective follow
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